Moving in the Direction of Forward

Easy job hey!

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Is your modeling agency real or is it a scam?!

I think this is about life in general. There are lots of unscrupulous people out there, who want to scam you. Take your hard earned money, to line their pockets.

And of course if you are vulnerable, its easier for them to get away with it.  Ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues – you will soon find out  who is genuine.


Source: Is your modeling agency real or is it a scam?!



Well in my life every day is different. Today is no exception! 

This 50 something chatting to a 20 something about social media, blogging, getting your face out there. 

Time to see life from someone else’s perspective.


Viva Seething

You will be missed. Thanks for the many opportunities, encouragement and shared knowledge. See you around maybe in Villiers Path!


Seethingography was originally a way for me to come down to Seething and start a writing group, and to engage Seething Villagers in thinking about what made the place that they live in special to them. I ran workshops, meet ups and an event for National Poetry Day, plus we went on a drift through Seething to explore its many quirks and secrets.

The blog has seen lots of writing and images exploring this theme, and led to the publishing of two anthologies of writing in The Seethingographer, the first from Seething Writers and the second from writers all over the world (as Seething has no boundaries!) writing on the theme of ‘Going Home’.

The Seethingographer #2

Anyone who is familiar with my own writing, and practice as a walking artist, may know that much of my work is concerned with place- how we are affected by it and…

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