How hard was today?

How hard was today I’m going to ask you?

Busy day? Full time job and juggling home life? Me too. I often wonder how I manage to find time to sit and write. But do you know, its this little time of day that helps me unwind.  It gives me the opportunity to look back over the day and think ‘goodness what a day’ or words to that effect!

Today I really wanted a hand up. Someone who would come along and say, fancy a cup of tea? Can I take some work off you? Can I cook the dinner tonight? or simply say please – sit down and do nothing for 10 minutes!

Let me tell you what I had instead, it might not be so bad after all! To be fair my hubby did ask if I wanted a cup of tea, after I had put my coat on to walk the dog! Now – for all those dog owners out there, or take note potential dog owners – you will know what ‘putting your coat on’ means to a dog. It means now, immediately, straight away, not in 10 minutes, or 5 or even 2, but NOW. Now we will go for a walk, now we will pee up against every tree, now we can stop at every fence post and sniff. So why offer me a cup of tea when the dog is just about to take me for a walk! It was waiting for me when I got back, a little cold, but welcoming none the less.

The question ‘can I take some work off you?’ sends shivers down my spine. It never means, do a little less, or slow down, it normally means, do this instead. And isn’t it usually something you don’t want to do or you have already put off? The other version  of this is ‘why don’t you let someone else do that?’ so that you take this on! There is always an underlying message to every apparent good word.  So if anyone has any tips on how I can dig myself out of that mess, please message me, I haven’t quite mastered that art yet. I tend to end up taking the first and the second job on. I’m doing something wrong aren’t I?

Dinner, yes I cooked the dinner; The other half was watching the football on the TV, what more can I say. Its November and its the football season, so the football is going to be on the TV. Although to be fair if it was any other time between March and September we could have a choice of Formula 1, Tennis, Horse racing, Basketball or two ants running down the pavement!  So I cooked the dinner, and very nice it was too. He did buy me dessert – a Twix bar.

Finally – the 10 minute sit down doing nothing. I did have 20 minutes actually with the dog, who insisted I pat him, and stoke him, and make a fuss of him.  He licked me, and covered my trousers in hair, and slobber. But it was 20 minutes of total adoration, undivided attention. Unconditional love. The best 20 minutes of my day.


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