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What inspires me?

There are a few things I take inspiration from. Strong women for one. Someone who stands up for what she feels is right, who puts her head above the parapet! Not everyone had the courage to do that, its hard being singled out for what you feel is right.

A few months ago a news story caught my eye. An ordinary mum, who runs her own business, read in the paper that a local disabled man had been attacked, and has sustained injuries and make him fearful to return to his home. the words that stood out from the article were ‘she felt compelled to act when she heard about the sickening crime’. She set up a donation page, that has now far exceeded any of her expectation. She was hoping to raise  a few hundred pounds, but the fund has raised over £50,000. She didn’t know this guy, but it seems they have now become firm friends, and the money will not only go towards helping him, but others as well. What a heart warming story.  Lots of us do simple things, we give to charity, run with a group to raise money for a cancer charity, maybe help our elderly neighbors or fetch some shopping for them, all very worthwhile for everyone. But how many of us would step out of our comfort zone and do something life changing like this?  I’m certainly inspired by this one person, who saw an opportunity to help someone in a simple way, but in doing so has given much more.

Singe fathers inspire me. They struggle to be accepted in that female world of parenthood, who take their little charges to ‘mother and toddler group’ where just the name must send shivers down their spines. We have to accept in this ever-changing world, it’s not just mums who look after the home and children. And why should it be! Dads give a different dimension to family life, as do grand-parents. So what if they don’t do things the traditional way – the way mums would do them. If they dress children in miss matched outfits, and feed them odd food. Are the children going to remember this when they are older – I think not!

I just love looking at photographs of nature, animal, seasons. They make me feel I part of the world I belong to. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit a lot of countries, and but I look at the blue/black water of the Niagara falls, the multi-coloured walls of the Grand Canyon, the blue and white building of Santorini and crystal blue waters, the bright light of the New York sky line, and I feel in awe of the  greatness that surrounds me. I also love the simpleness in things. The nature I see when walking my dog, the roe deer hiding in the long grass, the bright green parakeets that swoop down, chattering noisily in suburbia, so out-of-place from their home lands in Africa.

blackberriesThe perfect blackberries that are just calling out to be picked and eaten from the brambles. All these simple things inspire me through the long cold winter days, that spring and summer will bring more treasures, to look at, photograph and eat!

I’m trying to say that I think I’m inspired by life.



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