One month, two peaks, three achievements… next?

I am one of those CAMHS people, who’s job it is to make the journey of families like yours through the ‘system’ as pain-free as it can be. I have an understanding – my children have their own issues & I try to be compassionate to the families I come in contact with. But unless someone tells you why children or adults do what they do, how are you to know? You will always get someone who will judge, and make nasty comments, or ignore you – because they don’t understand what is expected of them.
Thanks for sharing your stories with us, it goes a long way to educate.

Dirty, Naked & Happy

So that’s World Autism Awareness Day gone for another year… a month since I shared ‘I Stand Quietly’.  Does any of this really make any difference?

Some might think that I just wrote a bit of a weepy poem and then sat back watched the cash roll in, but it was so much more emotionally challenging than I ever would have imagined.  I’ve read some emails I can never unread.

I am definitely different now.  Forever.  For the better on the whole.

Over the last month, my blog has had over 513,000 visits from over 440,000 people across over 100 countries.  Here’s the glory shot (I find the twin peaks particularly pleasing considering how many times boobies have been mentioned recently):

Then there’s countless others who have read ‘I Stand Quietly’ on another website like The Huffington Post, I can’t track them, and I think the sharing will continue to trickle through more visitors for…

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