Acting from Love: the ‘Family’ preamble

I never need an excuse for a hug, we are a very tactile family, it comes naturally, even to my 20+year old big hulking sons. Makes us feel good, and when we say ‘I love you’ I know its meant from the heart.

The Neighborhood

cover photo despair & hope by Simonette Vaja

Bad Decisions by The Tan Band with Renee Mallory

‘Family’ preamble
Acting from Love written by What2believe

My son slammed the door after saying rudely a few words to his mom: “Leave me alone, Okay? Don’t bother me anymore!” I was astonished to hear that, and before I could possibly figure out what to do about the situation, I heard my wife’s instantaneous response to him: “Remember what you said to me today, don’t regret what you just said!”

The air in the living room was filled with tension and heaviness. A couple of minutes after what happened, to my surprise, my son suddenly came out of his room and stretched out his hand to his mom as a friendly gesture to pacify the atmosphere. My wife immediately picked up his signal and stood up for him. My 20-year-old son then stepped…

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