Race for Life 5K

To all you runners or fitness gurus out there 5k sounds easy. Not to me, unfit, overweight and out of breath. But I wasn’t going to let this little walk in the park beat me. In fact a beautiful walk in Hyde Park central London on a sunny summers day with thousands of other women or all shapes sizes fitness levels and nationalities.

Raising money for a cancer charity, great fun, team work, pinkness (if there is such a word!) And women in all their glory.

What a day, a big achievement for so many of us who know and love people who have fought the C word, many living to fight another day. Some dear friends and loved ones not so lucky. My 5k was nothing to their journey.

Don’t thank me, don’t tell me I’ve done a good thing, it was nothing compared to your courage and determination. You know who you are!

I’m looking forward to next years challenge. 10k perhaps. Yes – why not!!


Hello World!

What a great idea! This mum Kelly has decided to encourage her daughter to write a blog about their holidays. You need to start them young don’t you

Amber's Backpacking Adventures

My name is Amber and I am going on an adventure!

I am 6 and my sister Violet is 3. Mummy is taking us backpacking and we are going to Switzerland.

I have my own back pack and my sister does too. We are getting ready to pack.

Please come along with me. 10 sleeps to go!

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