Back to the beginning – The whys and when

Source: Back to the beginning – The whys and when

I’m researching my tree, both parents are Welsh as far back as I have gone (1820’s). I’m researching my birth mothers family also from Wales. My husbands mum also Welsh on her dads side, but from London on her mums side. But his dad is an Anglo Indian back 5 generations – now that is an interesting story.

We would never know how rich our ancestry and history is if we didnt have this interest!

Im looking forward to finding out about your antwerp heritage..


There is no loss without love.

We all must suffer some kid of loss in our live . The loss of a family member, the loss of a friend or collegue or the loss of a loved pet. Its a heart wrenchining moment when we have to say that final good by.

We can hide ourselves way, live like a hermit so we dont have to suffer. But imagine how sad our lives would be. Better to live and love, and learn to take this loss in our stride as best we can.



The dreamy grey of moonlight gives way to morning bright,

A sleepy sullen cat, curled up tight.

The house waking gently, couple dozing lightly

On Sunday – it feels just right.

Tomorrow is another day, a work day- a busy day

With hustle bustle,rush and run

No time to stop no time for fun.

But Sunday is the day to chill

To slowdown and stop.

Meals are slow and meaningful

Conversation thoughtful and light

Tomorrow just another world away

No time to fuss and fight.