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A bitter sweet moment

The time when something good happens, only to have it whipped away and your heart is broken. When time stands still and the rollercoaster of your emotions take your breath away. When sadness is all you feel but you know you have to carry on for the life in front of you. The life so fragile you are afraid to pour on the love you feel in case it too is taken away.

This bitter sweet life is feisty and powerful. She will not give in, and kicks and cries at each beep and movement. She is loved over, cooed over, touched and whispered to.

Her long and elegant fingers stretching out for human touch, tiny hands grasp around your finger to tell you to be strong for her, for she is a fighter and each day will remember the time she shared the space with someone who couldn’t stay.

A little life who left too soon. Was here and then gone in the blink of an eye. But when she left took a part of your heart. You have the memory, the smell of the soft porcelain skin on her blanket and the pictures on your phone.

And the knowledge she will be loved as much as the feisty fighter who will carry the love forward.


6 thoughts on “A bitter sweet moment

  1. Denise Cropp says:

    My Darling Pat , you are such an amazing grandparent and mother . Such powerful , very emotional and a personal insight into your families journey through your heart and soul . I have read this with huge tear drops falling but yet can see already that little bundle of joy has created such love , and beautiful memories to last eternity 💖 Thankyou for sharing Pat . All my love and admiration of courage to all of you xx

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    • Thanks Denise for your comments. I write as I feel, and I feel nothing but love and admiration to these two young people and their little feisty fighter. She has stolen our hearts as ever new baby does, but she is truly special to us.


  2. Dearest Darling Pat, a friend and a support to us all. I have tears falling as I read your bitter sweet moment. I understand, that feeling of joy whilst your heart rips apart whilst greiving. You have my most heartfelt sympathies. Every moment and swing of emotion is natural, never hold back. No words can ever console your families loss, time will allow you to accept it, she will live in you. Your feisty fighter will lead you to the path of light. Congratulations Granma, you will be the best there is. Much love T

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