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whats in a name?

Does  the name we are given stay with us for life? Not always! I’m asking because I didn’t realise how important a name is. When you become a grandparent, you have to have a different name, a name that is easy for your grand children to say, a name filled with love and laughter. A name that will reflect you, your personality and something that will roll off the tongue, and you will be remembered for this. My father in law is called Bampa. a lovely welsh name for grandfather. my children’s friends call him Bampa, their parents call him Bampa- and that is who he is!

So my husband is going to be called Gramps and after much deliberation I’m going to be called Nana. I didn’t want to be granny (I’m too young for that) nanny (that’s my mother in laws name) grandma…no.

That is until the little pickle that is my granddaughter finds her voice, and decides I’m going to be something else!


One thought on “whats in a name?

  1. I’m not sure its ethical to post a comment on your own blog…but I don’t care. She is just a little darling, and we are so very much in love with her. She is such a little angel.


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