‘When life just gets shitter’

I have an avid following within my work place. They like my posts about my family, my little granddaughters and their struggles. I think they find it funny when I blog about my self – opening up my private world of fasting, feasting then fasting again, or I loosely like to call it dieting! They tell me that you love reading about what I’ve up to…so I asked the lovely Selina what she would like me to write about this weekend, I would dedicate this blog to her. That is why I’m writing about when life just gets shitter.

Without giving too much personal information away I  think from her perspective, the idea of life getting shitter is when a large hog roast fit for a royal party of 150 people getting snuffled up by 130 greedy guzzlers, leaving 20 people rooting around in the left overs. Just saying! Or that a new party dress for her little princess gets mucky with ice cream the minute she hits the party dance floor, and then finds its dry clean only. Only little girls hey!

I was thinking about the last pair of tights with holes in, the broken nail just before going out. The car running out of windscreen washer on a long journey, or worse yet – petrol. Not having enough money for the toll, or forgetting to pay for your parking somewhere and having a  £50 fine! The things of nightmares.

But I’m going to dedicate this to something much simpler, and today for me a lot more pertinent.  Both my lap tops, and my phone have run out of battery. How shallow I hear you say. The bigger picture should be war, pestilence, famine, football hooligans running amok.  Of course it is, and I wouldn’t ever say otherwise. Things bother me like this, but today my main problems is that everything I use to make my life easier, simpler and that I rely on – have let me down – big time.  I’m now tied to the house for the next hour while my phone gets enough charge so I can go out in the knowledge that should I be called up by the secret service to protect my country – I’ll be on the end of the phone and ready. My work lap top has run out of charge, on the day I decide I’m going to finally start the project I should have done 5 weeks ago, with only a few weeks left to write 8000 words, plus 4 lots of home work. And my own personal. bright blue, all singing all dancing lap top has been pinging saying its very low on battery – just as I decide to go on face book and see what is happening out in the wide world!

Life couldnt get shitter..






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