Numana and the 50 shades of blue


When I first started this blog, I was pretty sure I perfectly knew my land. The more I’m posting at Discovermarche,  the more I’m realising how wrong I was!

For instance, I’ve always linked the Adriatic coastal town of Numana to beaches, to the harbour and to a refined and elegant tourism that makes it a popular destination in Italy and abroad.

Panoramic view of Humana and the Mount Conero Panoramic view of Humana and the Mount Conero

It was only after Mrs. Lidia Berlingieri invited me to visit the winery she successfully manages with her husband, that I’ve found out about the unexpected beauty of this town in the north of Le Marche.

Another stunning view of Numama and its harbor Another stunning view of Numama and its harbor

Numana lies at the southern foot of the Monte Conero (Conero Mount) and is well renowed for its typical white stone houses of rare beauty. This calcareous material, extracted from many quarries in a time when mining industries…

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Face Embellishing at Surbiton Food Festival

Should be compulsory, like fairy wings and hot dog with onions. And for us oldies add a bit of purple!!


sim_surbfestglitter_aug16_tanglefootPhoto by Tangle photography

I should be used to it by now, smiley people running towards me to
present their faces for glitter dots or a painted stencil of Lefi, or specially
for this festival, a design of a cup cake!

It wasn’t always like that.  I would show people a mirror and they would
shy away and say “yuck”. “Take that away I never look at myself in a
mirror”  Always a negative response and with a heavy heart I would ask
if they would like some glitter dots like mine?

“Oh ok” I carefully applied the liquid silver with tiny dots around the
eyes and forehead then showed the very same mirror. “That’s so
beautiful!!”  “Gorgeous.”

This glitter dotting has become a tribal look, and the face embellishing adds colour, interest and joy to the Seething events.
Simone Kay has been painting faces since working on a…

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Show us your bra!

How un-lady-like I hear you say. Not if you are part of the WI – the Woman’s Institute.

They will tell you its not about Jam and Jerusalem. They have spectacularly brought themselves into the 21st century in a very big way. Their web site and media is second to none. They make sure that each group is supported, and they promote good causes and raise money for charities. Each year they choose a good case to lobby parliament on. Its  a way of like minded women to get together, and support one another in any way they can.

The  Maple Village WI. This is the web site for my local WI, a fun group of women- who meet in the local pub. And its this group together with many other groups across the UK who have been stripping off their bras, and filling them with bright coloured flowers and hanging them around the country.

And the flowers can be sponsored by an organisation or a company.

The Skye High Foundation will make sure the lovely bra it has sponsored will be watered, and cherished!

maple village 1