Search Continues For Construction Crew Last Seen Working Near House With Sleeping Baby

Although I do have to say that when my sons were babies, we had the music up, hovered when they were napping, laughed and sometimes shouted. Sometimes they slept, sometimes they didn’t.

The Out And Abouter

It’s been nearly 24 hours since 5 men, all residents of the Greater Toronto Area, were last seen. Their equipment lies abandoned. A Tim Horton’s cup still sits in the backhoe cup-holder. A port-a-loo door swings quietly in the breeze. It’s been checked dozen of times. No one is in there. The search continues.

“Teams are fanning out across the city,” the search co-ordinator, Sergeant Topiary, explained in a hastily summoned news conference on the street, in front of the new row of town homes the men were laying the foundation for before going missing Friday morning. “At this stage we have detection dogs, helicopters, and over a thousand officers and worried citizens on foot combing the nearby ravines, sewage tunnels, and back alleys. We are also going door-to-door, leaving no stone unturned.”

He hesitated when asked to confirm the rumour they have not yet approached the house immediately…

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