I’m sure they know that sandwiches are a no-no. They give you bloat, And you need a kind park keeper to tie string around your ankle to save you floating away..
And a ducks beak tickles – as they suck at the seads on your hand.


Was wandering on the pond
Not looking for anything in particular.
Did not know anything in particular.
But the two year old painted by numbers male
Who became her springtime shadow knew
A thing or two

About ducks.

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The doe-eyed sweet faced year old duck

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Mums of the world unite

Mums of the world unite. In love and hard work, through the pain of child birth, or the tears of a child. Your not defined through the reproduction of offspring but the late nights with hot foreheads or scuffed knees. Maths homework or growing food and the collection of water together. Through feast and famine, through blood or love.

Mums of the world stand united with hearts of love and arms of support.


A bowl of warm sawdust

I won’t go into the boring details of why I had this ready pot of porridge for breakfast. Suffice to say, I  wish I hadn’t bothered.

On the side of the packet it tells you how many calories and sugar etc it contains. What it doesn’t say is that it is sucks out your will to live and joy of food from your very being. There were dried pieces of apple and blueberry in it….apparently. I think their souls had gone to live a more fruitful life with Heston Blumenthal! 

Never again.