A glimpse of the past London Underground through the means of Vertical Archaeology

It’s the glimpse into our past that makes our history all the more appealing.

An Historier's Miscellany

The London Underground has given me high expectations. As soon as I set foot on the platform, I expect the train to arrive instantaneously. Once left the station, the train whisks me to my next destination, where I catch another to take me home. Everything is rushed. I can’t afford to miss that connection and besides, if I don’t keep up, I’ll be swept away with the crowds. This high level of expectation has in turn heightened my impatience. Waiting for a train, be it only a few minutes, feels eternal and my eye wanders around the tube platform. The infrastructure, cameras, mice and recently, vertical archaeology. Over the past couple of years, with major and minor refurbs to tube stations, layers of the walls, have been pealed back revealing their predecessors: previous rendering, tiles, posters even. This has entertained me no end.

I had never considered that what we…

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