We have to do this…

You will see me on my profile pic

And on my video too.

You’ll see me in the street

At a safe distance from you!


Next week it will be the same

And the week after – I’m sure.

But then I’ll gradually hide away

From you – and you – and you.


It’s not because of anything

That you have decided to do!

It’s me, don’t feel sad

It’s something I have no choice but to do.


The Government have told us

To isolate from you

The shops the cafes

And the hairdressers too!
(Ladies -you can see where this is going can’t you?)


In 12 weeks’ time you won’t know me,

And I won’t know you!

For I’ll be a much greyer version

Of the woman you once knew!




2 thoughts on “We have to do this…

  1. Gill says:

    Very good Pat. I bought a hair dye to do it myself so God only knows how that’s gonna turn out. Long hairs going to be the new style!
    Stay safe xxx


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