I know I studied history when I was in school. The King’s of England, their wives’ or the important King’s wives. Important dates in the past and what it meant to us.

But I passed a piece of my history this week. Stones placed in a specific area of meaningful importance by those long dead ancestors who saw the world turn in a different way.

Not ruled by technology or a fast paced society, but by the moon and sun. The stars and the seasons.

We marvel at how they lived. We are in awe of such amazing feats of simple technology and strength.

This is Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Seeing this face to face makes me more aware of my history much better than reading about things in a book.


A view from a window.

We could be anywhere.

After a stormy night the trees are thankful at last for water. Its been a scorching summer, drought and hosepipe bans.

But now the rains start. Storms cross the country and rain crashes down.

You would never know from this view! The grass looks lush, not a parched blade in sight. Not a burnt spot. The trees are as green as ever.