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Shattered Glass

Shattered glass,

like shattered dreams

thrown in frustration,

how do we ever go back to the way we were before the argument?


Accusations, silly and petty

opening old wounds.

love never gets easier

however long we languish in it.


Its hard to say sorry


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Life without love


Those of you who live your lives,
as individuals,
as single beings.

Not connecting with others,
as family, or friends, or foe.
How sad and angry you must be.

To feel the warmth of the sun on your faces,
but never appreciate it is shared by others.

To see flowers bloom in spring,
but never see this as new life to love and cherish,
nor keep the picture in your heart to remind you of this magical event.

If hate eats away at your every cell,
and envy spins your tears into a veil of darkness
how incomplete you must feel.

Empty and devoid of any warmth.
No smile, no familiarity,
just the abyss that is your heart and your dark eyes of molten steel.