‘George’ I shouted at the top of my voice. ‘What are you doing here?’.

I hadn’t seen him for a long time, thank goodness. He wasn’t my best friend.

I’m not sure if he noticed me, he didn’t turn his head.

I called my husband, ‘George is back’.

‘I know, he has been for week’s.’

What was I to do?




Art in the Attic

Art in the Attic is an amazing space. I’m sure the exhibition will be resounding success.

My Rhondda Bucket List

Art in the Attic is a little space at the top of the iconic Pop Factory in Porth. For the next two weeks it is playing host to a new exhibition by a group of local artists: The Subjectives. This is the artists’ first time exhibiting as a collective.

Factory-porthThe Pop Factory, owned by Valleys Kids since 2011, was an old Corona Pop Factory and has now been reclaimed as a creative community hub. The Attic hosts multiple exhibitions: keep up to date with them on their facebook page!


All from the Rhondda, these artists use studio space in the basement of the Factory to work on their pieces.  There are a mix of sculptures, ceramics and paintings in this exhibition.


Anne, the artist in residence, has done a wonderful job of supporting these artists as well as curating this exhibition. I urge you to go and see the lovely attic…

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Who am I?

August 2017. I woke up with fiery Welsh blood coursing through my veins. I never thought I was anything else. Proud of my Welsh family, upbringing and heritage.

I take my DNA test.

September 2017. I learn I am just as much Eastern European Jewish and a smattering of Irish as Welsh. I’m shocked but not too horrified.

October 2017. Now I’m shocked! There is Welsh on one side, and Irish. Not as I imagined but as convicts taken to Australia.

Where will the rest of 2017 take me!

And here is to 2018.


Is your modeling agency real or is it a scam?!

I think this is about life in general. There are lots of unscrupulous people out there, who want to scam you. Take your hard earned money, to line their pockets.

And of course if you are vulnerable, its easier for them to get away with it.  Ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues – you will soon find out  who is genuine.


Source: Is your modeling agency real or is it a scam?!