How do you measure success?

I’ve had a blog now for about 2 years. I write about family, life and all sorts of things. You probably know that success on social media is measured by how many people follow you, or like your video’s, or download your songs. I think I’ve written some very nice pieces – even though I say so myself. But the oddest thing is – my best piece that more people look at more than all the rest of my work together is this piece.

500 words

A swiftly written piece about nothing really. Is it because its light hearted, and not too in-depth. Contains no politics, religion, sexual references, or anything else very much either!

Can anyone give me some feedback and tell me why please?

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500 words

Do you know what 500 words looks like, honestly? Without using the word count on your computer, can you tell me what it looks like?

No, me neither. I have been asked to write 500 words, and I thought that will be easy. It wasn’t! I got to 250, and thought ‘finished’ but I was only half way there. I still had another 250 words to pull out of my little brain, jumble them around, make them sound entertaining, interesting, and like they were mine to be the puppet master of. It was so hard. (91) and now I still have 404 left to write if I want to fill this blog up with 500 words…now I only have 387. And the more and, buts and becauses (is that really a word) I can put down, I have less of the interesting words to fill the page with.

The hardest part was, that I was writing about why my company should let me go on a  training course to improve my leadership skills, so that I could move up the career ladder. I want to be at the top of the ladder, then I can look at the world below me, at all the little ants scurrying around, chasing their tails, while I hang on for dear life, as the wind of bureaucracy batters me from left to right, and the trees of red tape try and tangle me up, and pull back down to the reality of life again.

What to do? Write 5 more words to (250)