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I’ve got it sorted thanks!

I’m sitting in the ‘office’ listening to the noises in the house. It’s a glorified bedroom really, with some desk space, a shelf holding lots of magazines, a paper holder and few containers where I plop my pens when I’ve finished writing with them. It is decorated in shades of blue, my sons favourite colours. But he has moved into the bigger bedroom, as his older brother has moved out. I love it in here. Its my space where I can disappear from those noises in the house that often over whelm me. Hubby has the football in the living room, the radio is singing loudly from the kitchen, chatting and whooping when a goal is scored, the dog barking either to go out, or come in again. The washing machine whizzing back and fore, and the dishwasher clanking and buzzing.  Can you hear it? Its the sound of the cacophony of everyday life in a ‘normal’ family household.

Well today I’m listening to some very different sounds. The sounds of organisation. The sounds of some one deciding where all their worldly belongings will go. Which drawer will the summer shorts go? Where will the jumpers go. Goodness it sounds so very boring doesn’t it, but its very important! Why would you put your jumpers in the top of the cabinet in May, when you wont need them again until October! And your summer shorts, you certainly wouldn’t want to be bending down to retrieve them from the bottom drawer every day. Underwear neatly folded, socks paired up, suits hanging together, and shirts ironed and hanging up neatly.

When time is of the essence in the morning, when every extra minute searching for your clothes means you loose the opportunity for an extra few minutes in bed, well you can see why its important to be organised cant you! There is a famous professional who only wears the same colour shirt, suit, socks and shoes for work every day, because he says he needs to save his brain power for the important thinking tasks at work – I could go with that. But I also love the creativity of disorganisation, not finding just that right colour scarf for the shirt, making do, and then realising they compliment one another anyway!

We can’t have it all ways I suppose can we?  What works for some – doesn’t work for others, and that is what makes the world go round.