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Exile from social media….what have I missed?

Its been 11 days since I decided that I would take myself away from social media. I’d read this blog and it has inspired me.

Unplugging and Reinventing

So I signed off from Facebook, my Instagram and Twitter account went cold.  I realised that these things were taking over my life. As soon as I woke up, before I had even put my feet out of bed, I was on my phone scrolling through ‘social media life’ and what had happened while I had been asleep. Every spare minute I was catching up with the life of others, where they had been, what they had eaten, what they were wearing, and who was celebrating a birthday or a friendship!  All the time neglecting my own life. Neglecting my blog and the other more important things – like talking to my long suffering husband. Cuddling my grand children.

At first it felt weird. I kept thinking ‘what is so and so doing?’ and then gradually as the time has gone on that feeling of missing out has diminished. Of course I still get the notifications when I log onto my computer, but I don’t follow the link back into the twisted world of Facebook. It was todays notification that prompted me to write this blog.  Apparently I have 90 notification and I had been tagged in 5 pictures. I know it doesn’t sound very much to some people, who get hundreds and hundreds a day, but its quite a lot for me.

Do you know what I miss the most? Seeing the pictures of my grandchildren that are posted by my daughter in law! I also missed two events that friends had arranged I had forgotten to put on my calendar. There is an awful lot I don’t miss. The sometimes boring lives of others who endlessly post about their pets, the weather, who has parked over their drive, cakes, and what their favourite celebrity is doing. And I’m sure there is a lot that others miss about me…or not!

I have about 4 weeks left of my exile. I know it will teach me something. Remove things that don’t enrich my life. Don’t bother to follow pages that are a fad, or if I do as soon as I fall out of love with those pages – un-follow them. Simple.

Social media in one form or another has a place in anyone’s life, but not as a replacement for real life and communication.

See you on the other side.




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Long live the Dinosaurs.

This is the story of the class of 69, an amazing bunch of young people, who made it through the times of change and came out the other side, mostly unharmed!

Before TV sets were the focal point of the living room, and double glazing was a commodity only the rich could afford. When modern technology meant you had a teas made by the side of the bed, and flannelette sheets were all the rage. Once upon a time – dinosaurs roamed the world, even before calculators were common place in schools or at work.

Each day they practiced the old fashioned skill of ‘writing’, they used the ancient implements of pens with ink, or lead pencils with rubbers on the tips. Each day they were encouraged to practice this old form of communication, because that was what was expected of them. They knew that as they grew up – this skill would be invaluable, as no one else had invented anything like it for decades. Although a small group of women had been trained to sit in rows, and use a noisy clunky machine that squashed ink into paper in the form of letters, but everyone said this would never catch on. This machine was called a typewriter, and you needed to go to college to learn the amazing skill!

Life was quite simple then, simple choice of foods and simple entertainment. Regimented learning, times tables, copying letters from a book, little distraction.

Then time moved on, and so did those children. They went to a bigger school, some together, some meeting up a little later on, all learning new skills that would see them through into adult life. Some of them moving away to find a different life, and some moving to learn even more skills. Many staying put, marrying, bringing up families, looking after elderly relatives. Lots of them never forgetting the others they had spent their early informative years with.

Then time moved on yet again, and along came lots of new inventions. Not only could you go out with that calculator in your pocket, but you could take your box brownie, and your two tins cans held together with some string and finally that gramophone and your library of books, and encyclopedia – all in a different format of course!

Once upon a time social media meant gossiping while playing in the park. But if it wasn’t for that relatively new invention the Internet, Face book and Friends Reunited – that group of school children would never have know what became of lots of their long lost friends.

And so it was that a meet was arranged, in a local watering hole. How life had moved on, not a school uniform in sight, not a spotty face among them. And as each new person joined the group, the air was filled with cheer and laughter, and shouts of ‘Oh you haven’t changed a bit!’ and hugs and kisses were free for anyone who wanted them. Each one telling their story of the great adventures they had been on. A resounding success. So much so that plans were drawn up for the next big meet up. And each one hoping more friends will join from far flung places this time, to join in the merriment and the memories.

Long live the Dinosaurs.

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Poor me, I’m feeling old.

I’m the wrong side of 50, in fact I’m nearly the wrong side of 54!

It’s not just the joints that are aching, the fact I no longer run up the stairs to get to the top reminds me that I am getting older by the day. I have coloured my hair for at least 15 years to mask the gray. When I look at past photographs at first it was the same colour, then as the time went on it changed to blond highlights – and now its blond grey highlights! I’ve been in discussion with my stylist about the optimum time I should be thinking about silver gray all over..not long now I’m sure.

Its the skin on your hands that give the game away the most. You can colour your hair, wear makeup or have botox to enhance your looks, but there isnt much you can do about your hands. If your eyes are windows to your soul – your hands must be the sat-nav to your next birthday!

And don’t think that what you wear will make you look younger either. A short skirt and high heels will make you look like mutton dressed as lamb! Especially if you top it off with lashings of bright make up, its just a no-no, for us middle aged ladies.

But the thing that hurts me the most is it doesn’t matter what you do to your appearance, if you cant keep up with the new technology and the social media – you just cant cut it. You need to be able to walk the walk – even if its in the flatties you keep in your bag in case your feet hurt – and #talkthetalk. You need to keep up with Twitter,Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr, Snapchat and that’s to name just a few. There are more out there, and each week there is a new one. You need to have a young brain to keep up with them, to know the best ones, or the ones your mates are on – you wouldn’t want to miss out, or be seen to not know what your doing.

So unless you have insider information on this new world we live in, and a ready supply of tutorials for all this communication – you will soon be left behind.

Perhaps I should invent a new method of communication, paper is useful for writing on, you need a pen to do that! That’s its I’ll call it a LETTER. It will take off in no time!