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Shattered Glass

Shattered glass,

like shattered dreams

thrown in frustration,

how do we ever go back to the way we were before the argument?


Accusations, silly and petty

opening old wounds.

love never gets easier

however long we languish in it.


Its hard to say sorry


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Love is shown in many ways

Don’t raise your eyes to the sky in frustration

To the one who’s love is unconditional & everlasting!

For love is shown in many ways –

A warm hand on an arm for support,

A kiss of acknowledgment when you come from a journey.

The offer of food or drink as sustenance and love,

Or the sharing of good fortune and hard work

To make your burden a little lighter.


For until I give my last breath

And ever onwards

I will share my love with you

Whatever form it takes.

So learn to say ‘thanks’

And take the love and nurture it how you want.