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Show us your bra!

How un-lady-like I hear you say. Not if you are part of the WI – the Woman’s Institute.

They will tell you its not about Jam and Jerusalem. They have spectacularly brought themselves into the 21st century in a very big way. Their web site and media is second to none. They make sure that each group is supported, and they promote good causes and raise money for charities. Each year they choose a good case to lobby parliament on. Its  a way of like minded women to get together, and support one another in any way they can.

The  Maple Village WI. This is the web site for my local WI, a fun group of women- who meet in the local pub. And its this group together with many other groups across the UK who have been stripping off their bras, and filling them with bright coloured flowers and hanging them around the country.

And the flowers can be sponsored by an organisation or a company.

The Skye High Foundation will make sure the lovely bra it has sponsored will be watered, and cherished!

maple village 1




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I did it. I went back.

I did it, I took the plunge and went back to the slimming club I had found success with a few years ago.

I was a little embarrassed to start with, walking into a huge room on my own having to  admit to myself that I had been defeated by life, by chocolate and cake. But there were familiar faces, I realised its a way of life for some people, they come back week after week after week.

I listened to the introduction talk, all about how I needed to eat this, and count that and exercise, and drink water. And fill in a food diary.

And I will, because today I had a scare! My glucose blood test results came back higher than I had ever seen them before. Possibly even too high to pull myself back from a re test and drop below the threshold. I’m reeling from the shock.

And once I have got over the shock, I’ll keep telling you about my journey. perhaps I don’t need the fat/thin pictures as motivation – I just needed this slap in the face from a test result.


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When you get your mojo back

I’ve been away. Not literally away, but figuratively speaking. I haven’t posted anything for a good few months. I’m sure some of you know just what that is like, some times you need the headspace to be able to find the words to write. Sometimes you just don’t have the inspiration.  I just haven’t been in the right place to put pen to paper…or get typing.

But now I feel ready again. Lots of things have happened to me – and my family while I’ve been away, I wont bore you with them. I’ll start afresh, and see where my imagination and of course real life  takes me.


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A proud parent

Today I am a proud parent. Not that I’m not a proud parent every day, today I am especially proud.
We hear so much negatively in the press about the youth of today. Lazy, rude, unruly and so many more dark expressive words. Today I want to celebrate the good side, sensitive, compassionate, and most importantly hardworking, and dedicated.

I’m celebrating today because my son is moving to a new home next weekend. I’m cheering because he is moving out I can hear you say. Well in fact he moved out into his first home with his girlfriend just over a year ago. They bought a lovely little home together, and with lots of hard work they made it their own.

This is where the celebration bit comes in. Their friends came up trumps and many came along to help them. Friends with bowls of water cleaning, paintbrushes and pots of paint, helping to lay a floor, putting wardrobes together. And those that couldn’t help in a practical way shared their network of friends, and found contacts who could help with carpet laying, and plastering, and fitting a new boiler. It was a real house of love. full of the smell of paint, and take way Pizza.

Now they are moving on to a bigger place, and that whole cycle of calling on friends will happen again. I’m proud because they made it work. I proud because they shared their good fortune and paid back every favour by helping their friends with their own projects.

We will be off later to crack open the champers with parents and grandparents and neighbours. The good wishes radiating through the family.  And the hard work will start again.


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Good evening – and welcome.

I know this will be the first of many conversations we will have, I hope someone out in reality land will be reading this blog..I’m not in the habit of talking to myself!

Don’t expect a literary masterpiece. Well, not in the first few weeks till I get warmed up at least.

I love food, the healthy stuff, the 5 a day good old regular stuff. Sprinkled with some guilt inducing naughtiness. I love fashion, words of wisdom, animals – so pop along see what I can come up.