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Show us your bra!

How un-lady-like I hear you say. Not if you are part of the WI – the Woman’s Institute.

They will tell you its not about Jam and Jerusalem. They have spectacularly brought themselves into the 21st century in a very big way. Their web site and media is second to none. They make sure that each group is supported, and they promote good causes and raise money for charities. Each year they choose a good case to lobby parliament on. Its  a way of like minded women to get together, and support one another in any way they can.

The  Maple Village WI. This is the web site for my local WI, a fun group of women- who meet in the local pub. And its this group together with many other groups across the UK who have been stripping off their bras, and filling them with bright coloured flowers and hanging them around the country.

And the flowers can be sponsored by an organisation or a company.

The Skye High Foundation will make sure the lovely bra it has sponsored will be watered, and cherished!

maple village 1




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Clown of the day

We were at a family gathering today. You know the kind of day when the good, the bad and the downright naughty get together over a few glasses of the fizzy stuff. The nibbles were out – the olives only those with a refined pallet would go anywhere near, together with fresh crusty bread and crisps a plenty. The ‘family’ consisted of grandparents, parents, an aunt and uncle and the most junior members of the Mafia, sorry – the ‘family’. Oh yes together with the family pet, a cheeky 3 legged cat.
All was going well till gran dropped a glass of fizz on a very expensive table, which sprayed over the bread – and the cat! The crisps and crumbs were crushed into the rug, the only thing that was left untouched was the olives – literally!

Of course there was the obligatory family photo ‘for the album’. Two takes, two slightly different views, same smiles and poor family member with the cats ears sticking out the top of her head. Unfortunatly it was me this time! 30 min later its all over social media for all to see!

I love these days. So natural, no airs and graces – full of family love and promises of ‘we must do this again’ and we will!

Someone had to be the clown of the day. Today it was my youngest son. This was how the conversation went –

‘Its nice to see you’the uncle said, to which the clown replied ‘yes it is isn’t it’. Seriously! The arrogance of the little puppy…I don’t know where he gets it from.

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Good evening – and welcome.

I know this will be the first of many conversations we will have, I hope someone out in reality land will be reading this blog..I’m not in the habit of talking to myself!

Don’t expect a literary masterpiece. Well, not in the first few weeks till I get warmed up at least.

I love food, the healthy stuff, the 5 a day good old regular stuff. Sprinkled with some guilt inducing naughtiness. I love fashion, words of wisdom, animals – so pop along see what I can come up.