“You’re Lucky, You Knew He Was Going To Die…”

I am so very sorry for loss, I cannot imagine how broken hearted you all are. I have just lost a beautiful grandaughter, one of twins. We are all devistated, nothing will take pur pain away.


“You are lucky. You knew he was going to die so you had time to prepare.” 

Shockingly, yes, those words have been said to me (and I quoted, word for word). I felt the need to share something with you all, after reading those words. (Please continue reading after this picture) …


He looks beautiful, doesn’t he? This picture is a picture of Otis in his burial gown (unfastened at the back, hence the looseness). I want to ask you all a question …

When do you think we received this outfit for Otis?

A.) The day he died
B.) The day after he died
C.) The day the funeral directors picked him up
D.) The day of his funeral

If you answered with ANY of the above, you were wrong.

We had Otis’ burial outfit delivered on the 28th of May, 2016 after confirming we wanted it on the 26th…

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Seething Writers: The Second Coming

Greatly enjoyed the evening. Feeling inspired.



Our second meeting, held last Monday evening, July 4th, was a great success. Some superb writing was produced in a very short time in response to a writing exercise called: ‘Ready Steady Write’. If you remember the TV cookery show where various people would turn up with a carrier bag of random food items, which a chef would then have to turn into an array of delicious dishes, this was a take on that. A few random items were selected and put in a carrier bag and people wrote in response to one, all or a combination of these objects.

Look out for up-coming posts featuring some of this writing!

You can also join the Seething Writers Facebook Group here.

The next Seething Writers meet is July 25th, Museum of Futures at 7.30pm. If the weather is ok we will go for a walk and come back…

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The parents who can not leave the house with their own children

Is there no way we would help?



I only had one of my children with me tonight for a simple trip to the store for bread. My pulse was racing, my eyes darting about and my body sweating…all before I had even got him out the car! My son has autism. He does not respond to his name, has no awareness of danger and experiences sensory overload. He is unable to speak. Taking him out of the safety of our own home is dangerous, difficult and demanding! He happens to have a twin sister who also has autism and despite the fact I am a confident, independent person I really struggle to leave the house with my own children.
Thousands of parents throughout the country are in the same position.

Can you imagine what it must be like to not be able to leave the house with your own children?

Here are the six top reasons people…

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