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I’ve lost my best friend.

He was old, 15 dog years. So thats about 90 human years. He was a collie cross spaniel. Black and white.

He hadn’t been able to go up the stairs without a hand for about 2 years, up onto the sofa about 3 weeks. And the final straw – raise himself off his bed for about 3 days.

I’m going to miss him so very much, miss his wet nose, his barking to come in from the garden. His hair in my tea and butter, and on my black trousers!

Goodbye old friend, you will feel the wind in your hair and make your ears flap. You wont feel the pain or discomfort. I’ll remember the feel of your tongue on my hand, and the look of unconditional love in your eyes.

Goodbye old friend. Till we meet again.

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I did it. I went back.

I did it, I took the plunge and went back to the slimming club I had found success with a few years ago.

I was a little embarrassed to start with, walking into a huge room on my own having to  admit to myself that I had been defeated by life, by chocolate and cake. But there were familiar faces, I realised its a way of life for some people, they come back week after week after week.

I listened to the introduction talk, all about how I needed to eat this, and count that and exercise, and drink water. And fill in a food diary.

And I will, because today I had a scare! My glucose blood test results came back higher than I had ever seen them before. Possibly even too high to pull myself back from a re test and drop below the threshold. I’m reeling from the shock.

And once I have got over the shock, I’ll keep telling you about my journey. perhaps I don’t need the fat/thin pictures as motivation – I just needed this slap in the face from a test result.


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How do you motivate yourself? By thinking about the positive or the negative?

I need to loose weight. Sorry what I should say is I have to loose weight. I know the science behind it, I know what I have to do..I lost enough a few years ago to feel very satisfied with myself.

I want something to motivate me. What do you think works best? Putting a picture on the fridge of the overweight a reminder of what I don’t want to stay as. Or a picture of the slimmer healthier me, as a goal to work towards again?

I’d love to hear what you think.