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Peace and serenity

In the morning, when the sun is just rising from her night sleep. When the grass is still chilled, and water frozen on the lake. The ducks sleepy and heads resting on feathers shiny. Owls flying silently though dark woods, night feeding on tiny scuttling mice and moths that a few hours early had been partying around the bright lights of garden ornaments. Foxes red and vibrant steal the discarded takeaways from street corners, and feed them to their cubs who yap eagerly at chips and burgers. And stealthy cats, low bellies to the ground, looking left and right for the same meals of mice to catch and take home as gifts to less than eager owners. The hum of street lights, white light shining on damp pavements.

No cars, no hoovers or washing machines. No laughter or shouting. No chatting or talking, or nagging!

The problem with peace and serenity, is it never lasts. Life soon takes over, more insistent and insensitive. The machines start whirring, louder and louder. Those ducks who were sleepy on the water, soon wake up stretching, and paddling, looking for an early treat of weed, and water boatman. As the ducks awake, the mice that have survived the night, scurry to their cool burrows in the grass, snuggling down together with little ones, until tummy rumbles, and off they scurry for more food. Some become the play things of local cats, until they are unceremoniously put outside to live another day, with feeble hope they have as many lives as the cruel cats!






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